C&S means quick service, top quality and competitive pricing.

For every customer in every supply category, C&S provides superior services, products and delivery, at prices that make sense. We take time to learn each customer’s exact needs — and we have the expertise, decades in the making, to meet those needs in ways that consistently exceed expectations.

So many reasons — the benefits of choosing C&S Supply.

Guaranteed pricing means better budget and expense projections, less time spent in negotiations, and year-long lower net pricing.

Medical/surgical cost and usage analysis from IMCO helps you control inventory better, spot cost-saving opportunities, and accurately project inventory needs. It also provides “checks and balances” between procedures and purchases.

Inventory management is improved, reducing costs through lower inventories, product standardization and better controls. Overall, this improves your usage/income return.

Our ordering systems decrease the chance of errors with mechanisms suited to your system, removing costs through improved accuracy and ease of use.

Ancillary services and products that we provide save money on non-medical products, with substantial discounts for office supplies, imaging cartridges for copiers, and much more. We also offer a source for accurate, cost-saving Electronic Medical Records.

A high fill rate and responsive delivery lowers cost by eliminating work on back orders, multiple shipments, etc. That means better inventory control and real peace of mind.

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Benefits for Medical/Surgical Supply Customers

Educational Support

Remember, sourcing through IMCO also enhances value in all these ways:

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