Medical/Surgical Supply
Vendor List

Here is a partial list of vendors C&S Medical Supply uses for supplying our customers.

3D Executive Search Partners
Talent Acquisition, Recruiting, Placement of Medical Sales, Marketing, and Professional Personnel

A-Plus International
Lap Sponges, O.R. Towels, Disposable Apparel, Sponge Products

Accora, Inc.
FloorBed 1 and FloorBed 1 Plus Nursing Beds, Mattresses, and Accessories

Accucold made by Summit Appliance
Medical and Commercial Appliances

AccuTec Blades, Inc
Razors (face shaving, prep, safety prep), Shave Biopsy (DermaBlade), Pathology/Histology Blades, Microtome Blades, Prep Blades, (single edge and double edge)

Acme United Corporation (formerly First Aid Only)
First Aid Supplies and KIts -- "First Aid Only" brand, **Pac-Kit branded products, and ** Physicians Care Branded products. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Action Health
Specialty Healthcare Bags, including standard & hazardous waste can liners, reclosable zip bags, pre-labeled bags, specimen transport bags, patient belongings bags, bedside waste bags, pharmacy bags, medication transport bags, autoclave bags, and others

ADC, American Diagnostic Corporation
IMCO Brand (PL) Diagnostic Products, Sphygmomanometers, Stethoscopes, Laryngoscope Blades, Airways-Disposable, Blood Pressure Instruments and Parts, Caseware, EENT, Thermometers and Accessories

Aetna Foot Products
Felt, Foam, Moleskin Rolls and Cut Parts, Diabetic & Sports Medicine items

Allied Healthcare Products
Gomco® and Schuco® Suction Pumps, Suction Pump Disposables and Accessories, Gomco® Circumcision Clamps, Air Compressors, Nebulizers, Oxygen and Air Delivery Disposables & Accessories CO2 Absorbent

AMD-Medicom, Inc.
IMCO Brand Gauze, IMCO Brand Tapes, IMCO Brand Apparel (Procedure Masks, Caps, Shoe Covers, Isolation Gowns, Impervious Gowns); IMCO Brand Self Seal Sterilization Pouches; AMD-Medicom Label Gauze Products, Dressings, Bandages, Wooden Ware, Washcloths, and Disposable Lab Coats, Sterile & Non-Sterile Tongue Depressors (plus flavored); Cotton, Rayon Polyester & Applicators; Plain Wood Applicators

American Associated Companies
Textiles, Bath Towels, Washcloths, Bed Linens, Incontinent Pads, Blankets, Pillows, Mattress Pads, Miscellaneous Related Products

American Express Global Commercial Services (AMEX)
Financial incentives via American Express Membership Rewards®, extended cash flow cycles, complimentary vendor analysis, online program management and reporting, accounts payable automation platforms, access to cost-effective working capital & short-term lending programs, foreign exchange and International payments, and American Express Payroll Rewards program.

Ansell Healthcare Products, Inc.
Ansell Surgical Gloves, Ansell Examination Gloves, Ansell GAMMEX N95 Respirator & Surgical Mask, Sandel line of Safety products

Blood Glucose Systems, Lancets, Infusion Sets, Safety Lancets

Arrowhead Healthcare Supply
Protech Brand and Private Label Fall Management Products, Alarms, Sensor Pads, Bedside Fall Mats, Accessories,and Pulse Oximeters

Attends, a Domtar Personal Care Brand
Disposable Adult Diapers, Underpads, Obstetrical Pads, Liners.

B. Braun Medical
IV & Irrigating Solutions, IV Sets, IV Infusion Pumps, Needleless Connectors, Stopcocks, Manifolds, Closed System Transfer Devices, Regional Anesthesia & Pain Trays, Procedure Needles, Introcan IV Catheters, Chronic Care Wound Products, Flexima Ostomy Bags, Actreen Mini Catheters & Urinary Bags, and Prontosan Wound Care Products

Bemis Health Care
Sharps Containers, Suction Canisters, Suction Canister Liners, Medic-Aid Toilet Seats

Bio Protech USA, Inc.
IMCO Private Label ECG Tabs, Bio Protech General Use Electrodes, Stress Electrodes, Holter Electrodes, TENS Electrodes, Tens Units/ EMS Units/ IF Units, Grounding pads and Surgical Pens

Birchwood Laboratories LLC
Scopettes®, A.E.R.®, Witch Hazel Pads, Fuller Shield®, B-Sure® Absorbent Pads, LiquiCell Shear Points, LiquiCell Interface

Bird & Cronin LLC
Orthopedic soft goods and supports, including: arm slings, shoulder braces, cervical collars, shoulder immobilizers, rib belts, sacro-lumbar supports, abdominal binders, thigh supports, knee braces & supports, ankle braces & supports, ankle walkers, cast shoes, cast boots, post-op shoes, limb restraints, traction products, hot & cold therapy products, rehabilitation & physical therapy products, and more

Blue Chip Medical Products, Inc.
Mattress and Pad Covers, Support Surfaces, Seating & Positioning Products, Stretcher/OR Pads, Cart Covers, etc.

BMH Ventures, Inc.
Physician’s Choice Professional Grade CBD-infused products, including Tincture Oil, Topical Salves and Gel Caps. Also: Swiss Relief Brand CBD-infused Tincture Oil, Topical Salves, Gel Caps, and Vitamin-CBD Gummies.

Bovie Medical, a Symmetry Surgical, Inc. Company
IMCO Brand (PL) Penlights, Electrosurgical Pencils and Dermal Tips; High and Low Temp Cautery, Nerve Locators, "Hyfrecator-Like" Desiccation Units, Electrosurgical Generator

BR Surgical, LLC
Endoscopes & endoscopy instruments,
with focus on OB-GYN, ENT, Dermatology,
and ASC, with a full line of quality OR-grade
surgical instruments, plus procedure kits, and
repair of surgical instruments (most brands)

Brandt Industries
Exam Stools, Medical Carts, Exam, Blood Draw & Hydraulic Chairs, Magnifying, Ultraviolet, Infrared, Minor Surgery & Floor Exam Lamps, Mayo Stands, I.V. Stands, Privacy Screens, Step Stools, X-Ray View Boxes, Narcotics Safes, Rehab & Physical Therapy Equipment, Hydrotherapy Chairs, and more.

Power Tables, Exam Tables, Treatment Tables, Stools, Blood Drawing Chairs, I.V. Stands, Mayo & Instrument Stands, Hampers, Utility Carts, Step Stools, and Exam Procedure Lighting

BSN Medical Inc./essity
Bandages, Elastic Tapes, Unna's Boots, Consumer & Home Care Products, Support Stockings, Orthopedic Soft Goods, Compression Hoisery, Plaster, Synthetic Casting and Splinting Products, Support Wraps, and Accessories

Busse Hospital Disposables
IMCO Brand (Private Label) Skin Staple Remover, Suture Removal Trays, Procedure Kits, Suction Products, Post Mortem Bags, Wound Products, Apparel, CSR Wrap

Cables and Sensors LLC
Pulse Oximetry (Sp02) Sensors, ECG & EKG Cables and Lead Wires, NIBP Hoses & Cuffs, IBP Adapters & Transducers, Temperature Probes, Fetal and O2 Accessories. Products available to fit nearly every device (past and present) on the market.

Credit Card Charge Acceptance Service

Cardinal Health Patient Recovery
Medical Supplies--Alternate Site Covidien/Kendall-branded products including: Incontinence, Wound Care, Enteral Feeding, Urology and Suction Products, Operating Room Supplies, Electrodes, Thermometry products, Chart Paper, Needles, Syringes, and Sharps Disposal products, Respiratory and monitoring Products

Cincinnati Surgical Co., Inc.
Surgical Blades, Handles, Scalpels, Safety Products, and Surgical Needles

Clarity Diagnostics, LLC
Rapid Diagnostic Testing

Coastal Medical Enterprises, LLC
Sudoscan S and Sudoscan 2 -- Analyzers designed to identify/diagnose Autonomic and Small Fiber Neuropathies

Complete Solutions Technologies, LLC
Enzymatic Foam Instrument Cleanser, Enzymatic Liquid Instrument Detergent, Instrument Lubricant Spray & Liquid, Neutral pH Instrument Detergent, Powdered Detergent for Medical Instrumentation, Pharma, Industrial, and Laboratory Applications.

Concordance Healthcare Solutions
Redistribution - Featuring Authorized Programs with: BD and Hillrom.

ConMed Corp.
Hyfrecators & Hyfrecator Accessories, Patient Resting, Monitoring and Stress Electrodes, Suction Tubing and Suction Connectors, Yankauer Disposable,Suction Instruments, I.V. Dressings, I.V. Flow Controllers, Pulse Oximetry Sensors

CooperSurgical, Inc.
Sani-Spec Vaginal Specula, Anoscopes, Galenica Disposable Vaginal Speculums, CooperSurgical Lighted Disposable Vaginal Speculums

CorVascular Diagnostics, LLC
Vascular Diagnostic Systems, designed for the Detection of Peripheral Vein Disease (PVD) & Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), Portable Bidirectional Vascular Dopplers, Auto-Inflation Handheld Sphygmomanometers, and accessories

Detecto Scales
Physician Scales, Waste Receptacles, Specialty Scale Products

DJO Global
Orthopedic Soft Goods and Patient Aids; Procare and Aircast Brand Orthopedic Soft Goods and Patient Aids, EXOS Braces & Supports, Chattanooga Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Equipment & Supplies

Drive Group, LLC
Website Design & Technology Services, Including: Logo Design, Mobile Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Application Development, iPhone & Android App Development, Custom Web Applications, Email Marketing, Brand Development

DUKAL Corporation
IMCO Adhesive Bandage Strips, Wound Closure Strips, Stretch Gauze Elastic Bandage, Gauze Products, Combine Pads, O.R. Apparel, Isolation Gowns, Face Masks, Coveralls, Tapes, Non-Woven Sponges, Alcohol Pads, Donovan products: DawnMist, Resist-A-Band and Redi+Wash, Character Bandages, Advanced Wound Care, Gypsona Casting Rolls & Splints, and Techmed Products

IMCO Brand Towel Drapes, and Suture Removal Kits, Adhesive Bandage Strips; Misc. Med-Surg Items, Exam Gloves, Utility Gloves, Surgeon's Gloves, Topical Ointments, Wood Products, Hypodermics, Gauze, Tapes, EMS Products, Infusion Products, Respiratory Therapy Products, Ultrasound Gels, Tattoo Supplies, DME Patient Aids, Personal Care Products, Paper Products, Protective Apparel, Urologicals, and Advanced Wound Care Dressings *

Eagle Group MHC
Wire Shelving, Cleanroom/Lab Furniture, Stainless Steel Sinks, Stainless Steel Tables, Stainless Steel Countertops, Custom Stainless Fabrication

Elkay Plastics Company, Inc.
Plastic Bags for various Medical Applications, including those for: Lab, Pathology, Pharmacy, Hospital, Long Term Care, General Usage, Waste Disposal, & Equipment Covers of all type. Custom-Sized and Custom Imprinted Products are available: inquire for details

Encompass/Albahealth Products
IMCO Brand (PL) Stockinette, Patient Slippers, Infant Caps, Anti-Embolism Stockings, Xeroform & Petrolatum Gauze, Packing Strips, Diabetic Socks, Arm Sleeve Protector, Fall Mats, Non-Adhering and DVT Prevention Compression Therapy System, Washcloths and Cleaners, Protective Eyewear, Thermoflect Thermolite Hypothermia Prevention System, Disposable Bedding and Apparel, Underpads,Textiles & Interiors Reusable Products and Pillows

Energizer, LLC
Alkaline and Lithium Batteries, Power Cells, Reusable Flashlights and Penlights

Epicor Software
Technology Solutions and Services designed for the wholesale distribution industry

Ethicon US, LLC
Surgery & wound closure products, sutures, skin adhesives & sealants, absorbable hemostatic products, Proxisure items, tissue control devices, J-Vac Reservoirs, Blake Drains, and more

ExxonMobil WEX
Fleet and Fuel Management

Fabrication Enterprises, Inc.
Products for Physical Therapy and rehabilitation including: Cando band and tubing (a TheraBand like product), exercise products (weights, putty and balls), hot & cold products, & measuring instruments (dynamometers, pinch gauges and goniometers) & ADL Products (reachers, gait belts, hip kits and Dycem)

FedEx (available through Provista Agreement)
Shipping and Freight Program

Firefly Global
DE550 Wireless Digital Video Otoscope
DE500 Digital Video Otoscope
DE300 Digital Dermatoscope
DE350 Wireless Digital Dermatoscope
Disposable Specula for Otoscopes

First Quality Products
Incontinence Briefs, Protective Underwear, Bladder Control Pads & Liners, Male Guards, Disposable Underpads,,Baby Diapers, Training Pants, Disposable Washcloths, and Wipes.

Fisher Healthcare
Laboratory Supplies & Equipment including Diagnostic Testing Apparatus, Test Kits, Glass- Ware, Pipetting supplies, Blood Collection products, Culture Media, Chemicals, Roche CoaguChek Systems & consumables, Quidel Diagnostic Test Kits

Florida Medical Sales, Inc. (FMS)
IMCO BrandHolter Connection Kits and FMS Custom Holter Connection Kits, VeinSight - Ven Finder

GatewayMD, LLC
Telemedicine Platform, Telemedicine Software Services, Programs, and Support

Georgia-Pacific Professional
Full line of Janitorial & Maintenance Supplies; Food Service Products

Geri-Care Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
OTC Products- Analgesics, Laxatives,Vitamins, Liquids, and Suppositories

GMAX Industries, Inc.
Disposable plastic bedside patient products and utensils, including: Urinals, Bedpans, Carafes, Pitchers, Emesis Basins, Specimen Collectors, Denture Cups, and more

GOJO Industries
PURELL, PROVON, Hand Hygiene, Skin Care, Dispensing Systems, Handwash, Hand Sanitizing, Body Wash, Hand Soap, Heavy Duty Cleansers, Surface Disinfectant

Graham-Field Health Products
IMCO Brand (PL) Microscope Slides & Cover Glass, IMCO Brand Latex Free Crutches, Entire Graham-Field Catalog, E & J Products, Lumex Products, See "IMCO Special Prices", Grafco, John Bunn, Labtron, Instant Cold Packs, Cold/Hot ReusableGel Packs, Transport Gel Packs

Great Life Healthcare, Inc.
RimAir Bedside Shower System & accessories, Doris Portable Compact Shower, Electric Rotor Assist Home Care Bed, Soft Wing Compression Massager Pumps & Garments, Universal Therapy System (UTS) Automatic Low Air Loss Alternating Mattress System

Splint Products, Gauze, Advanced Wound Care Products & Incontinence Products

Hausmann Industries
Medical Equipment - Rehab. Equipment Medical Cabinetry

Health o meter Professional Scales

STAT KIT Emergency Medical Kits, HeartSine
Semi-automated AED’s, Basic Oxygen
Systems, and UPS/USPS-approved Ship-
Back Sharps & Waste Management Systems.

Healthmark Industries Co.
Storage Containers, Sterilization Trays, Decontamination Products, Sterility Assurance Supplies

HIDA (Health Industry Distributors Association)
Medical Distributor Member Services Since 1902, HIDA has provided leadership in the healthcare distribution industry. Membership in HIDA provides a wide range of resources and relationships that help companies perform profitably within today’s complex healthcare supply chain. HIDA Members have the benefit of legislative news as it breaks, the latest industry research and data tools, unsurpassed networking opportunities and medical sales education programs.

Hillrom (formerly Welch Allyn)
Authorized Distributors: Otoscopes, Ophthalmoscopes, Vital Signs Monitors, Colposcopes, Spirometers, Electronic Thermometers , Classic Aneroids, Stethoscopes, Mortara ECG Equipment & Accessories, Cardiac Stress Testing, Holter Monitoring, Patient Monitoring Equipment, and many other products

Hobson Insurance
Business Insurance, Property, Liability, Cyber Liability, Auto, Life, and Health Insurance; Medicare & Pharmaceutical Bonds, Personal Lines; Virtually all types with Excellent member pricing

Hydrox Laboratories
Products for Personal Care, Bath and Body Care, Hand Hygiene, Infection Protection, Baby Care, First Aid Antiseptics, Disinfectants, and Surgical Instrument Care. Items available include: Isopropyl Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Hand & Body Lotions, Mouthwash, Shampoos, Baby Lotion, Odor Eliminator, Perineum Wash, Deodorants, Hand Soaps, Hand Sanitizers, and Enzyme Detergent.

IMCO Saving Center
OVER 100 FREE exclusive discounts on essential business products & services including: Cell phone Plans with Sprint and Verizon, Car Rentals with Avis, Budget and Enterprise, OfficeMax/ Depot, Staples, Travel and Entertainment Discounts with Tickets at Work, ADP payroll processing, H&R Block, Pitney Bowes, Herman Miller Office Furniture, Stanley Healthcare, Sterling background checks, EarthLink, UPS, YRC LTL/tradeshow shipping, Allied Van Lines,, Hotel discounts, Copiers, Health/life/supplemental insurance, Backblaze file backup services, Sherwin Williams Paints, Fuel programs with Exxon/Mobil, Phillip 66, Conoco, WEX, etc., Transworld collections, 4imprint, Shred-It, Windstream, Merchology branded apparel/gifts, Amtrust & more!

Immunostics, Inc.
Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits: Fecal Occult Blood, both guaiac and immunochemical, Pregnancy, Strep A from throat swab, Mono and H pylori from whole blood finger stick, Drugs of Abuse (DOA)

Innovative Healthcare Corporation (IHC)
Exam Gloves, Surgical Gloves, Protective Apparel,
Adult and Baby Wipes, Prepackaged
Bath Systems

Injectables, Vaccines & Biologicals, Microflex & Diagnostics, Cholestech LDX Analyzers

Integra LifeSciences
Traditional Wound Care, Advance Wound Care, Skin Care, Wound Closure Devices, Adhesive tape, OR Sponges, Non Adherent Pads

Integra Pain Management
Procedure Trays of various types,including: Amniocentecis, Arthrogram, Biopsy, Bone Marrow, Circumcision, Lumbar Puncture, Myelogram, Epidural, Spinal, Nerve Block, and Universal Block. Custom Trays are also available.

Integrity Sourcing and Logistics (ISL)
Poweder-Free Latex, Nitrile and Vinyl Exam Gloves, AEDA Alternating Pressure Mattresses, Instant Cold Packs and Flushable Wipes *

IMCO Brand Standard Exam Stools, Pnuematic Exam Stools and Side Chairs; Intensa Brand Exam & Treatment Tables, Exam Stools, Lab Stools, Lab Chairs, Blood Drawing Chairs, Exam Lights, Patient & Guest Chairs & Seating, Utility Carts, I.V. Stands, Tilt top Hampers. Instrument Stands, Overbed Tables, and Accessories

KDL - Keystone Dedicated Logistics, LLC
Discounted shipping and transportation solutions, including container, Truckload, Less Than Truckload, and Small Package Delivery Services

Kennedy-Webster Electric Co.
IMCO Private Label Bulbs and Batteries, Bulbs and Batteries for all types of Medical Equipment and General Lighting needs, Energizer Batteries

Kent Precision Foods Group, Inc.
Thick-It Brand

Lifeline Pharmaceuticals, LLC.
Pharmaceuticals, including injectables and vaccines.

LifeSign, LLC
Diagnostic Point-of-Care Test Kits for Influenza A & B, hCG, Strep A, Mono, Uricult, H. Pylori, iFOBT, Alcohol, Nicotine, HIV, nicotine, Drugs of Abuse (DOA), and cardiac markers

Links Medical Products, Inc.
Silent Knight Pill Crusher & Disposable Pouches, Max Grind Hand-Held Pill Crusher, Medilance Safety Blood Lancets, On-Call Pro Blood Glucose Meter, On-Call Blood Glucose Test Strips & Controls, Chamosyn w/Manuka Honey Multi-Purpose Moisture Barrier, DropSafe Safety Pen Needles, LinkTemp Non-Contact Electronic Infrared Thermometer

Lutech Industries, Inc.
LT-300HD High-Definition Digital Colposcope, and LT-300SD Standard Definition Digital Colposcope

Mada Medical Products, Inc.
Infection Control Products: MadaCide (Disinfectant/Cleaner) and Steri-Fab (Disinfectant/Insecticide), Alumnium and Steel Oxygen Cylinders, Oxygen and Emergency Oxygen Resuscitation Kits and Accessories, Carts and Stands, Compressors/Nebulizers, Defibrillators, Disposables, Regulators, Conserving Regulators, Flowmeters, Respiratory, Resuscitators, Etc. ** See Below

Major/Rugby Pharmaceuticals
Multisource generic Rx and OTC products, Including tablets, gel caps, capsules, topicals, patches, nasal sprays, throat sprays, unit dose drugs, creams, lotions, ointments, powders, oral solutions, and suppositories.

Med/Surgical Information Services International (MSISI)
Healthcare Supply Chain Software, Including GPO reporting and rebating solutions

Medegen Medical Products, LLC
IMCO Brand Bio Hazard Bags and Trash Liners; Autoclave Tape, Linen Bags (printed & water soluble), Patient Bags, Lab Transport Bags, Disposable & Autoclavable Patient Utensils, Specimen Containers, Stainless Steel Utensils, Eye Shields, Reusable Plastics

Medical International Research, Inc. (MIR)
Spirometers, spirometry mouthpieces, and
spirometry accessories

MediPurpose, Inc.
Surgilance Safety Lancets, MediPlus Products

MedProcure, LLC
IMCO "SuppliesMGR:LTC" Barcode Supplies Tracking System

MetriCide, MetriZyme, MetriClean, DetergeZyme, Cavicide, MetriWash, MetriLube, & EmPower, VioNexus, Compliance, CaviWipes, Premicide, Canister Express, Solidifier, and Vital 1

IMCO Brand Instrument Detergents and Lubricants; Weiman Instrument Care and Disinfectants

Exam Tables, Stools, Treatment Carts, Sterilizers, Power Tables, Exam Lights, ECG, Holter Monitors, Spirometers, Medical Cabinets, Minor Surgical Lighting, Care Exchange Carts

Miltex, An Integra Company
Low Cost IMCO Brand Mid-grade Surgical Instruments, Surgical Instruments including Dental, Vet, Podiatry, Dermatology, and OB-Gyn.

MJM International
PVC Medical Equipment, DME/Durable Medical Equipment

Monet Medical
BioMed-certified reconditioned medical equipment from various major manufacturers, including: ECG units, Defibrillators/AEDs, Exam Tables, Feeding Pumps, IV Pumps, Patient Monitors, Wheeled Transport Stretchers, and Ventilators, plus service and recalibration of medical equipment.

MYCO Medical Supplies
GLASSVAN® Carbon & Stainless Steel Blades & Handles, GLASSVAN® “Beaver-Type” Miniature Blades, Technocut® Disposable Safety Scalpels, Technocut® Disposable Scalpels, UNOLOK® Winged Infusion Sets, VAKU-8® Multi Sample Blood Collection Sets, VAKU-8® PLUS Safety Blood Collection Sets, VAKU-8® Blood Collection Needles, Reli® Sutures, Reli® Spinal & Epidural Needles, Dispovan® Insulin Syringes, Qlicksmart® Safety Blade Removal System, Reli Blunt Fill Needle, Reli Premium Suture, Reli Safety Blood Collection

Natus Medical - Nicolet Dopplers
Obstetric and Vascular Doppler Units , Antepartum Monitors, & VersaLab ABI Systems and related accessories

Nestle HealthCare Nutrition, Inc.
Enteral & Nutritional Products, Feeding Tubes and G-Tubes

Newman Medical
Fetal & Vascular Doppler Units, ABI Doppler Systems, and related accessories

NEXEL Industries, Inc.
Medical and Industrial Storage & Handling Equipment, including wire shelving, solid shelving, wall mounted shelving, merchandiser and displays, space track systems, wire trucks & carts, medical carts, computer stations garment storage solutions, cabinets, workbenches, work centers, warehouse & dock equipment, workplace seating, desks, office chairs, benches, waste containers, janitorial carts, hand trucks, pallet trucks, tilt trucks, and much more.

Electrodes (National Brand) with Adaptors, Gallant Razors, Prep Kits, Grounding Pads, Cables and Wires TENS Units, TENS Electrodes, ECG Paper & Recording Charts

Nipro Medical Corporation
Syringes, Blood Collection Needles; IV Catheters and Butterflys; Hypodermic Needles, Safety Fistula Needles & Bloodtubing for Hemodialysis, Safety Needles and Syringes, Regular

Nissha Medical Technologies
TissueSeal Histocacyl Liquid Skin Adhesive, and Cardiology Electrodes, Tab-Style *

North American Medical Imaging
New AND Reconditioned Certified Imaging Equipment, including X-Ray, C-Arms, Ultrasound, MRI, CT, Nuclear Medicine, DEXA, Bone Density Scanners and Analyzers, PACS, and RIS *

Novum Medical Products, Inc.
Cribs, Bassinets, Beds, Overbed Tables, Stretchers, Chairs, Sofas, Casegoods, Sleeper Chairs, Bariatric Products, IV Stands and Patient Lifts, Patient & Waiting Room Furniture *

Omni International Corporation
OmniTrust Latex, Nitrile, Vinyl Exam Gloves, & OmniShield Multi-Purpose Gloves

Optimal Healthcare Solutions
Lines available include: AMD-Medicom, B. Braun, Energizer Batteries, Ethicon Sutures, Gmax, GOJO, HTL-Strefa, PDI, Stryker Emergency Care, and other Branded Medical Products

OraSure Technologies, Inc.
OraQuick Advance Rapid HIV Test, QED - Saliva Alcohol Test- Alcohol Controls

Owen Mumford, Inc.
Home Use Blood Lancets, Professional Use Safety Lancets, Lancing Device, Self-Injection Aids, Sexual Wellness Products, Neuropathy Devices, Eye Medication Applicators, Vaginal Dilators, Pen Needles

Parker Laboratories, Inc.
UltraSound Transmission Gel & Lotions, Electromedical (Conductive Gel & Creams)

PBE, Incontinence
Tranquility, Select and branded disposable incontinence products

PDI - Professional Disposables International Inc.
Antiseptic Swabs, Swabsticks, Pre-saturated Prep Pads, Sani-Hands® Hand Wipes, Hygea® Adult Care Products, Nice’N Clean® Baby Care Products, Towlettes, Sani-Cloth® Surface Disinfectants & Cleaners and supporting products.

Pensar Medical
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Systems, including Control units, Canisters, Dressing Kits, and all related accessories including Bridge Kits, White Foam, “Y” Connectors, and more.

Plasti-Products, Inc.
Sharps Containers, Locking Sharps Container Wall Brackets, Combination Glove Boxes & Sharps Wall Cabinets, Wall-mount Glove Box Holder Dispensers Uri-Pan Specimen Collectors, Plasti-Pan Specimen Collectors, and Plasti-Grad Triangular Specimen Collectors

Precision Charts Inc.
IMCO Private Label EKG Paper & Supplies, EKG Paper & Supplies and Video Printer Paper

Precision Dynamics Corporation
ID Bracelets, Armboards, PUC's, Blood Bands, Tapes & Labels

Principle Business Enterprises
System of Disposable Slippers & Stirrup Covers, NeutroPhase® Skin and Wound Cleanser *

PTS Diagnostics
CLIA-waived Blood Chemistry Testing Systems, including Hemoglobin A1cNOW+, CardioChek® Plus & CardioChek® PA Analyzers, related tests, accessories, and Supplies

Quality Care Products, LLC
Physician In-office Dispensing System with Pre-Packaged Medications, Unit Dose Medications for Hospital and Long Term Care, Name Brand & Generic Pharmaceuticals: Injectables, Tablets, Capsules & Topicals

Quantum Medical
Storage & Transport Products—Bins, Modular Organizing Systems, Racks, Shelving, Platform Trucks, Medical Supply Carts, Crash Carts, Storage Cabinets, Equipment Carts, Hampers, Work Tables, Wire Shelving, Partition Wall Systems, Custom Design & Room Planning Services, and more

Real Food Blends
Puree-blended full meals for people with feeding tubes. Flavors include chicken, salmon, quinoa, beef, egg, turkey, & variety pack

Reliable Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
Molnlycke Wound Care Dressings and Hibiclens

Repertoire Magazine/Share Moving Media
Education Online EOL, Dail-eNews, Repertoire Magazine, Repertoire's Black Book, RepConnect, Journal of Healthcare Contracting

Respiratory Therapeutics Group, LLC
Disposable oxygen & respiratory therapy treatment products, including masks, cannulas, suction connection tubing, Yankauer handles, nebulizers, tracheostomy masks, tube holders, suction catheters, heat moisture exchangers, and bacterial viral respiratory filters.

RJ Schinner Co.
Janitorial supplies, disposable supplies, paper towels, facial tissue, toilet tissue, cleaning products, along with many other products from makers such as Clorox, Colgate, Clorox, Dart, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Procter & Gamble, Reddot, and Solo.

Roche Diagnostics Corp.
CoaguChek® XS PT/INR Testing Systems, Lancets, Capillary Tubes, and Controls

Roscoe/Compass Medical
DME items, including: Respiratory Equipment, Homecare Beds, Wheelchairs, Electrotherapy, Pressure Prevention, Bath Safety, Walking Aids, Patient Room Equipment and Supplies, and Ultrasound Pain Management Equipment

S.P. Richards Co.
Janitorial, Sanitization, Industrial Safety, Paper, Office Supplies, Furniture, Technology, Education, and Foodservice products from a host of major manufacturers, including ACCO, Avery, Clorox, Colgate-Palmolive, Fellowes, Georgia-Pacific, International Paper, Kimberly Clark, Procter & Gamble, Reckitt-Benckiser, Rubbermaid, S.C. Johnson, Sanford, Smead, and many more.

Safe N Simple, LLC
Ostomy and Wound Care Products, including Alginate, Foam, & Silver Dressings, Skin Barrier Pads, Powder & Pastes, Adhesive Seals,No-Sting Prep Pads, Wafers, Odor Eliminator, Adhesive Remover, Waterproof Tape, Fibergel,Collagen, and Hydrocolloid Dressings

Schiller Americas
Electrocardiographs, ECG Stress Systems, Spirometers, Patient Monitors, Patient Diagnostic Stations, and Accessories

Seiler Precision Microscopes
Microscopes, Surgery (E.N.T.) Microscopes and Colposcopes

Sempermed, USA, Inc.
IMCO Brand (PL) Latex, Nitrile, and Vinyl Non-sterile Exam Gloves, Sempermed Disposable Exam Gloves in Nitrile, Latex, and Vinyl; Disposable Sterile Exam Gloves in Nitrile; Sterile Surgical Gloves in Latex and Chloroprene, Non-Sterile Industrial/General Purpose Gloves in Nitrile and Latex

Sion Brands
Sion Brands Skin Cleansing & Disinfection products, including Povidone-Iodine Prep Pads & Swab Sticks, Alcohol Prep Pads & Swab Sticks, Antibiotic Ointments & Creams, Unna Boot Bandages, Sterile Lubricating Jelly, Skin Treatment Products, Wound Care & Advanced Wound care Products, including L-Mesitran branded Medical Grade Honey

Skil-Care Corporation
Wheelchair Seating, Positioning , Cushions, Bed and Wheelchair Alarms, Restraints, Restraint Alternatives, Gait Belts, Wheelchair Accessories, Mattresses, Fall Safety Products, Pressure Sore Prevention and Heel Protectors, Nursing and Therapy Products Home Care and DME Products, Wheelchair Comfort Accessories and Bedside Fall Mats, Bariatric Aids

SkinStitch, LLC
SkinStitch Brand Sterile Skin Adhesive Wound Closure Product and SkinStitch Sterile Applicator Tips

Smart Caregiver Corporation
Fall Prevention Alarms for Bed or Chair, Wireless Caregiver Paging Systems, Motion Sensor Fall Alarms, Weight-Sensing Floor Mat Fall Alarms, Anti-Wandering Systems

Smith & Nephew Wound Mgmt.
All Advanced Wound and Skin Care Products

SteriCare Solutions / Nurse Assist
USP Sterile Water & Normal Saline, Enteral
Feeding Accessories, Fall Management
Products, Urological Procedure Kits, Med-
Surg. Cables, Trach Tube Holders

Stericycle, Inc.
Mailback Sharps Collectors and Sharps Collection Systems, Hazardous Cleanup Spill Kits and accessories

Stryker Emergency Care
AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators): HeartSine samaritan PAD AEDs and LIFEPAK AEDs. AED Accessories / Disposables (electrodes / batteries) LIFEPAK 15 and LIFEPAK 20e Defibrillator/Monitor Systems & Accessories/Disposables, LUCAS 3 Chest Compression System, Evacuation Chairs

Summit Doppler
Handheld Doppler Systems, Obstetrical and Vascular Doppler Systems, and Accessories

Summit Funding Group
Leasing / Financing

Superior Uniform Group, Inc.
Reusable Fashion-Type Apparel, Uniforms, etc.

Suture Express
Ethicon Sutures, Endomechanicals, Mesh, Adhesives, Drains, Surgical Specialty Corp. Wound Closure Products

Teleflex Medical - Hudson RCI
Oxygen Delivery Products, Humidifiers, Nebulizers, Filters, Oxygen Analyzers & Monitors, Incentive Breathing Exercisers, Regulators, Rusch Urology and Anesthesia

The Award Group
Awards including trophies, medallions, corporate gifts, and plaques

The Systems House, Inc.
Medical and Pharma Distribution Software

TIDI Products, LLC
IMCO Brand (PL) Exam Table Paper, Patient Exam Gowns and Capes, Drape Sheets, Pillow Cases;  Printed Paper Products, Exam Apparel, Pillow Cases, Stretcher Sheets, Wound Care & Gauze, Thermometer Sheaths, Equipment Drapes, Under Pads, Bibs, Hospital Supply Products (Bedside Bags, Bed Pan Covers, Urinal Covers), Patient Cups, Infection Control Products, Sterilization Wraps, X-Ray Envelopes, PPE Apparel, PPE Gowns, Facemasks, Hi-Risk Gloves, Point-of-Use Storage Cabinetry, Eye Shields, Face Shields, & TIDI Brand Dental Products

Total Innovation Group, Inc. (TIGI)
Medical Sales/Marketing Training, specializing in business development and growth programs, helping distributors and their personnel to achieve high levels of success.

Tradex International
Pre-Moistened Adult Wipes, Ambitex Brand Latex, Nitrile, & Vinyl Non-Sterile Exam Gloves, Food Service Gloves

TSYS Merchant Solutions
Visa, MasterCard, Discover & AMEX transactions, Debit and Electronic Check Processing,PrePaid Solutions, TSYS Merchant Insights Revenue and Social Media Dashboard, Devices for Mobile Payment Solutions

Steam Autoclave, Distillers, Ultrasonic Cleaners, "Clean & Simple", "Chamber Brite". Please see pricing note and market restrictions below*

UltiMed, Inc.
Ulticare Regular and Safety Syringes, Pen Needles, and Blood Lancets

Vanguard International Solutions, Inc.
Non-sterile vinyl, nitrile, and latex examining gloves, non-wovens, and wipes

Vitacon US, LLC
Bladder Scanners and Accessorie

Waldmann Lighting
Medical & Veterinary Exam Lights, Surgical Lights, Minor Procedure Lights, Magnifying Lights, Facility & Room Lighting, Bench & Workstation Lighting, plus Accessories for Ceiling or Wall Mounting, Floorstands, Arm-mounts, and Desk Mounts.

Wallach Surgical Devices, Inc.
Colposcopes, Cryosurgical Units, Leep Unit with Vacuum, Reusable & Disposable Electrodes, Papettes and Endocell Collectors, Sonicaid Fetal Monitors, Summit Doppler Products

ZOLL Medical Corp.
AED's,Defibrillators and Accessories

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